Our paper “Filtered actuator disks: Theory and application to wind turbine models in large eddy simulation” was published in the journal Wind Energy. By Carl R. Shapiro, Dennice F. Gayme, and Charles Meneveau

In most actuator disk model (ADM) implementations, spatial filtering is required to smoothly distribute the applied force distribution on discrete grid points. The filtered ADM overestimates power by upwards of 10% on coarse grids. In this paper, we develop a filtered actuator disk theory that correctly predicts the power coefficient in these simulations at different filter widths Δ. A correction factor is then derived analytically that collapses the power coefficients onto the theoretical power curve. The simulation data and LaTeX source can be found on Github. Corrected ADM simulations are now available in the large eddy simulation code LESGO.

Left: Comparison of filtered actuator disk theory (lines) and simulations (symbols) to axial momentum theory (⋯⋯). Right: Comparison of corrected ADM simulations (symbols) to axial momentum theory (⋯⋯)